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Hello. Thinking about sponsoring Happy Little Lift?

First of all, thank you for considering my site! I'm so glad you're here and I hope we can work together very soon. I have a variety of options available for you, detailed below. If you have any questions, please contact me and we can talk.


I offer one exclusive space to a select brand, every two weeks, on the Happy Little Lift website and in the Happy Little Lift VIP Club Newsletter. This is for brands I love and believe in and want to promote to my followers because I know they will love them too. If you feel like your brand may fit in with Happy Little Lift, please email me for details.

“Great opportunity. Thank you, Kayleigh! Vast increase in likes and custom”
Quilled Hearts.

Press Samples.

If you would like to send any press samples or products for review, I am more than happy to accept these as long as they are consistent with the style and topics covered on Happy Little Lift. However, coverage is not guaranteed and I am unable to return any products that you send to me. I will only write about a product after using it long enough to give a true opinion to my readers. Every product I review will be written honestly and without bias; I do not accept incentives to speak positively about a product if I do not agree. Please email me for more details.

Sponsored Giveaways.

If you would like to hold a giveaway on Happy Little Lift and your product and brand fit in with my followers, please contact me and we can work on creating a fabulous giveaway to suit you and to suit my readers.

Blog to Blog.

If you run a blog that you think my readers would love, based on the content I create on Happy Little Lift, please email me. If I think your content is something my readers will enjoy, I will feature you in my VIP Club Newsletter, sent out every two weeks.

Guest Posts.

If you would like to write for Happy Little Lift, please visit the Contribute Page where you will find all the relevant information.


If you are looking to work together on a post, a video, a campaign, an event or something entirely different; please contact me and we can discuss your ideas. I'm sure if it's exciting and relevant to the style of Happy Little Lift, I would be more than happy to work with you.

Important Note.

I am picky with who I work with, as I'm sure you are too if you value your business as much as I do. I do cover a wide range of topics so I am open to a lot of options, but please note that all requests to work with me are subject to my approval and not everyone will be a perfect fit for Happy Little Lift, so a request is not a guaranteed sponsorship spot or otherwise. If I do feel like your request could lead to us working together, you will receive a copy of my Media Pack.

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