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Wednesday, October 8


There's some awesome television happening this Autumn! October is the time to snuggle up, get your favourite drink, and watch some of the best shows TV has to offer right now. Here's some shows I've recently been loving and some that are coming soon.

TV is Awesome Title Image

If you liked Desperate Housewives, then you'll love this. Before you start thinking that this is just going to be a rubbish remake with recycled storylines, please stop! Devious Maids keeps their storylines fresh and clean, without anything unnecessary being dragged out. It's about a group of maids who discover all sorts of scandalous gossip about their employers' lives and discover murder, theft, love, lies and a whole other realm of juicy details.

Devious Maids Title Logo
I was hooked throughout the first two series, of which the second recently finished. I am sad to hear that Devious Maids may not be returning for a third series. This has not been confirmed, nor has it been denied. It is especially annoying since Season 2 ended on such a major cliff-hanger with pretty much the whole cast involved in an incident that leaves their fate unknown. I really do hope it returns.

THE 100

The first series of The 100 ended last week and I can't wait for series two, which is already confirmed (yay!). The 100 is basically about an apocalyptic Earth several hundred years later and the survivors, who now live in space, send down 100 people to see if the planet is habitable as they are running out of oxygen up there. The 100 are a group of young prisoners from aboard The Arc (as their space station is called) and don't know what awaits them on the ground. The action is non-stop and you're still left with so much to learn at the end of the first series. The character development so far is great and I just hope one of my favourites isn't dead, which could be a possibility with the way Season 1 ended. From the makers of Lost, you can expect this show to take as many twists and turns possible, I just hope the final ever episode isn't some crappy prediction everyone could have made from the beginning!


If you're not a fan of the silliness, then you're not going to like Impractical Jokers. Luckily for Gareth and me, we are very much like Chandler and Monica and we just love the silliness! Impractical Jokers is a group of four friends who set tasks for each other, some of which make me cringe so bad, but it's just hilarious. Things like trying to get a stranger to remember who you are, eating things from people's plates and trolleys or working for a 'made up' charity and trying to convince strangers to donate something are the kinds of things you can expect. If you don't like pointless, silly comedy then this show is not for you; however, if you like to laugh at hilarious, sometimes cringe-y and always risky situations, then get watching!
Impractical Jokers Cast

I don't know anyone who isn't excited for the return of The Walking Dead on our screens! It's starting Monday and for those of you who have never watched it; it's basically the zombie apocalypse and survival after the horde. I know not everyone loves horror, but this is more drama at the best of times and I really think everyone should have The Walking Dead in their lives. It's one of my all-time favourite shows and I am so excited! I just wish they'd put it on during Summer so I didn't get so distracted from uni work.
The Walking Dead Still Shot

This is the fourth season of AHS and it looks creepy as hell. It's got a weird circus type trailer with people in cages, crazy clowns, creepy laughing and a guy with a split tongue; all who look like the colourful characters we'll get to meet and enjoy the pleasure of this time around. I have only seen the first two series of AHS (thank you Netflix) and I missed the third series on TV, but you don't need to have seen any of the other series as each one is a brand new story. The AHS team has a core cast that play roles in every season and some recurring actors come back for the odd episode. I absolutely loved series one so much, I think it's one of the best horror series I've ever seen, the story was so well thought out and it wasn't predictable like most other things are to me. I never complain about predictability because I always guess everything that's going to happen anyway, so I don't think it's fair (hey, I even knew Hans wasn't to be trusted as soon as Anna left Arendelle, but everyone else said they never saw it coming). Oh, spoiler alert!
American Horror Story Logo
American Horror Story is bound to leave me wondering what the bleep just happened, but desperately begging for next week's episode; like every other episode I've ever watched from Season 1 and 2. The stories are so deep and twisted and you just won't see it coming!


Batman is finally getting his own grown up TV show, alongside Arrow and Smallville. Flash is also getting his own show at the end of the month, but I'm not as excited about that as I am for Gotham. I love Batman and I can't wait to hear the story out of a film or cartoon setting.
Batman Logo | Gotham

What are you snuggling up to watch this Autumn?


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