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Monday, October 13

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Salon Professional Hair Straighteners

I somehow managed to lose my GHD's a while ago; seriously, who loses GHD's? Anyway, my hair was really starting to annoy me. Although I have naturally quite straight hair, I've had some ridiculously early mornings lately and I've only had time to quickly blast my hair with the hair dryer before dashing out of the house with it still half wet. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, by mid-morning it's pretty big, it's frizzy and it is far from what Vogue refers to as sleek! Definitely time to invest in some new straighteners, the Nicky Clarke DesiRED Salon Professional Hair Straighteners, to be exact.

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Salon Professional Hair Straighteners
I've been a loyal GHD user since school, but as we all know, they cost a bomb! I saw these Nicky Clarke beauties straight away and I loved the design. They are a lovely deep, metallic red; hence the name of the range, 'desiRED' and they would look so stylish on any dressing table. I'd never used Nicky Clarke straighteners before so I wasn't sure on the quality level, but the box states 'independent research shows that more women prefer overall results from Nicky Clarke DesiRED to GHD' and 64% agreed. At first I wasn't sure the percentage was high enough for me to buy, but GHD's really are good and that's a whopping 64% saying that they were not equal to, but BETTER than GHD's. I decided that even if the research wasn't that accurate, with figures like that, the quality should surely come close. In the end, the price swayed me because they were on offer!

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Salon Professional Hair Straighteners
I'm glad I went for them in the end because I'm really impressed! They have a nice slimline design, which sits nicely in my hand and makes it easy to control them. There's a small dial on the inside of the straighteners, which you can use to determine which heat setting would be best for your hair - fine, medium, thick or max; with the maximum heat being 230°C. They heat up pretty much instantly, much faster than any GHD's I've ever used. There's a small power button by the dial which you need to press to turn the straighteners on, this blinks red until they're ready to use and then it remains solid red. I have mine set to thick hair, which does a splendid job of giving me sleek, straight hair without any frizz. I usually only spend about five minutes straightening my hair, but you'd never know with these bad boys!

Like my GHD's, these have a long cord with 360° swivel; but the most impressive feature and probably one of the most required features on any hot hair styling tool is the auto shut-off! So ladies and gents, there will be no more incidents of dashing home in your lunch break or texting your neighbour to nip around and see if you left your straighteners turned on because after one hour, these wonderful straighteners will turn themselves off! My GHD's never had that and I love these so much for it, the amount of stress I have avoided with this feature is brilliant.

I highly recommend these to anyone looking for the quality of GHD, but a much lower price tag. GHD's usually start at around £110, with a mini version being available for around £90. These usually sell for around £81.99, but I managed to get mine half price in Boots for £40.99.

What are your top tips for sleek and frizz free hair?


Nicky Clarke Desired Salon Professional Hair Straighteners

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