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Friday, September 19

Yves Saint Laurent 'Black Opium'

Yves Saint Laurent has released a new fragrance, Black Opium, and I'm obsessed. It is such a unique scent; with top notes of black coffee, white floral heart notes and base notes of vanilla. It has such mystery about it, with a softness that stops it being too overpowering. It is apparently the first ever fragrance to mix coffee tones with floral scents. I wore this to a gig last night and after 4 hours of jumping around in a very hot and crowded room, I could still smell the fragrance and it was amazing! My makeup also lasted amazingly too, not a single smudge in sight; but more on that later.

"Black Opium is definitely set to seduce a whole new generation of fragrance fans; from its 'java jolt' of coffee through to the warm, sensual base notes. It's very wearable, but excitingly edgy too"
- Jo Fairley, The Perfume Society -
Black Opium comes in a lovely bottle, full of black sparkles and would look classy on any dresser. It's quite similar to the original 'Opium' bottle, with a glam rock twist. It's available in 3 different sizes, starting from £43.50 for 30ml and going up to £80 for 90ml, from Boots. I am yet to invest, since all I do is spend money in my new job. However, if anyone who reads my blog would like to buy me anything for Christmas, I would not say no to a bottle of this wonderful perfume. Oh, and I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as too much Black Opium, so if I end up with 20 bottles, that's ok too!

Kayleigh x

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