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Sunday, September 7

What are your spots trying to tell you?

Spots and acne can be caused by many things, but the location of the spots on your face or body can actually appear there for a reason. It is thought that different areas of the face are linked to a different part of your body and this can help you to tackle your skin care needs from the inside. If you're constantly trying out new skincare products to try and get perfectly clear skin and thinking that nothing is working, this post should help you!

FOREHEAD - The Digestive System

First of all, your hair can cause spots on your forehead, especially if you have a fringe. Everyone naturally has oils in their hair and these oils can build up on your forehead and cause spots if you do not clean the skin properly.

Spots on your forehead can also be down to your diet, usually high amounts of fat. Increasing your intake of water and green tea should help this area and try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

NOSE - Liver & Heart

Spots on the bridge of your nose and between your eyebrows show up after a long weekend of partying. Alcohol is your culprit and if you want to avoid getting spots here, try to cut back on how much you're drinking or increase your intake of water on a night out, between each drink. You should hopefully see a difference in your skin and your hangover!

Spots on the tip of the nose can be caused by dirty makeup brushes or a high intake of bad fats. So try to cut back on your fatty foods and make sure you clean your brushes regularly!

CHEEKS - Lungs

Your cheeks are linked with your lungs and if you smoke or work in a confined space with air conditioning or you simply don't get outside enough with fresh air, you may be susceptible to spots in this area. Try to get outside daily for some fresh air and take a walk. Cutting down on your dairy intake may also help if you suffer quite badly in this area.

JAWLINE - Stomach

Spots along the jawline are usually caused by eating too many processed foods. Try to avoid junk food and reach for some fresh fruit instead.

CHIN - Hormones

Unfortunately, it tends to be women that experience spots on and around the chin and this just so happens to occur on a monthly basis. Hormones cause spots here and if you're a sufferer of a monthly breakout, the best way to try and clear it up is to eat clean and make sure you exercise.

Stress can also be a cause of spots around the chin area, so try and work on relaxing and getting yourself organised (easier said than done, I know), but stress can seriously damage your health in more ways than spots on your chin so do try and work on this.


Spots and dark circles in this area are generally down to dehydration. We all know we should be drinking water every day and if you're experiencing spots in this area, you need to drink even more. If you do drink water, but you're still seeing some dark circles, continue drinking and give the Origins GinZing Eye Cream a try.

Hopefully this list helps some of you realise the cause of your spots and you may now be able to try and fight them from the inside as well as following a daily skincare routine. If you can understand why your spots have decided to make an appearance, it may help us to make decisions about diet and exercise going forward and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Kayleigh x

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