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Saturday, September 13

Top 4 Facial Wipes

I love a good facial wipe when you're in a rush and just need a quick refresh or you've had a long night out partying and you're in no shape to carry out your usual night time skincare routine; facial wipes are a great alternative. Now, I would never recommend that you use facial wipes in place of a full cleansing regime altogether, these should just be used now and again as a quick alternative, or when you've got a weekend away and don't have time to pack all of your usual products.

I've tried many different types of wipes over the years and I've finally narrowed down my favourites. Here are my top 4!



I'm not sure these should actually be in my top list, since these have gone way downhill and disappoint me now, but they were once impressive so I thought I'd leave them on and give you my top 4 instead of top 3!
I used to love how moisturising and thick these wipes were, but they got rebranded about six months ago and they're now like rubbing a dry tissue on your face. They're so thin that they can even rip like a tissue and they hold no moisture at all; only good for wiping down the bottles of all my toiletries in the bathroom. So disappointing; about six months ago, these would have definitely deserved a place in my top 3! You can get these for about £3.50 for 25, but if I were you, I'd save my money.


These wipes smell so lovely and fresh and they're thick and moisturising. I usually need to use two wipes to cleanse the whole face and an extra one for waterproof eye makeup. They can leave my skin a little tight feeling, which is why they come in at third place.

The Nivea Pure & Natural Wipes usually sell for around £3 for 25 wipes.



I already love the L'Oreal Micellar Water and these wipes are just as good. They are moisturising and thick and cleanse the face in one clean motion. I sometimes need to use two to remove waterproof makeup, otherwise one will do nicely.
The average cost for these wipes is about £3.50 for 25.



Although these are a little pricier than the others, you definitely get what you pay for. The No7 wipes have a plastic seal so you don't need to worry about the packaging losing stickiness. The wipes themselves are so soft and moist and feel almost like a very fine cloth. They remove all makeup (including my waterproof mascara), with just one wipe. My skin feels lovely and soft afterwards and has no tightness to it.

At £7 for 30 wipes, they are a little more expensive, but you get 30 wipes (the rest are 25) and you only need to use one wipe per use, where the others usually need two or more. You may look at the others and think they're half the price, but you're using twice (or more) as many. No7 usually have deals or vouchers on where you can save some money. At the moment, they have 3 for 2 on all skincare so you can buy £21 worth of wipes for only £14!

As I said before, I would most definitely not recommend using facial wipes as a daily skincare cleansing routine, but they are great for a quick fix when travelling, short of time or simply had too much fun and need to get into bed ASAP!

Kayleigh x

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