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Thursday, September 25

The Body Shop Blusher in 'Bubble Gum'

I've always loved The Body Shop and I swear by their Vitamin E skincare range. I also use The Body Shop Bronzing Powder & Concealer, but I hadn't used their blushers until now. I've been using this one for just over a month and I've got to say, it's really nice. It is extremely delicate though, so if you like something with a little more pop I would try another shade.

There are 7 shades altogether and they call it an 'All-in-one Cheek Colour' because it is also classed as skincare, due to the Vitamin E and marula oil in it. Bubble Gum is a really soft pink shade and although it definitely is a buildable colour, it is really pale, in a nice way though. Applying this shade to your cheekbones just gives you a very elegant rosy glow, nothing too out there. I did swatch this for you, but against my pale skin, it really didn't show up on the camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. Do remember though, that I am the lightest shade in every brand I've ever tried so it could look different on warmer skin tones and most likely does.

The blush is easy to apply and comes in a neat little pot that's easy to pop in any bag, even the tiny clutches where you have to be very selective on which products make the cut on a night out. I just apply mine with a powder brush and it goes on beautifully and smooth and lasts all day long! Seriously, no top up needed at lunchtime, it will last an all day shift at work. I really love how well it blends into the skin as well. I've had problems with blush before where I've applied it and then not been able to blend out the edges to soften the look; you will not have that issue with this product, I can assure you.

You can pick up your own little pot of blusher for £8 from The Body Shop and if you have The Body Shop Reward Card, you'll get it even cheaper. I might try Macaroon and Guava next; Macaroon is a lovely, soft coral kind of shade and Guava is a much deeper pink. Which shade is your favourite?

Kayleigh x

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