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Tuesday, September 23

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in 'The One' and 'Dazzle'

Makeup Revolution has exploded its way into the beauty world and I thought I'd see what all the fuss is about. I picked up a selection of products the other day and today, I thought I'd show you the lipsticks. I picked up a nude shade called 'The One' and a hot pink called 'Dazzle'. Both of these are colours I would usually wear and for £1, you can't go wrong. Yeah, you read that right, £1!

First impressions were that the colours looked fantastic and the wide selection available was amazing. I could've quite easily picked up about 20, but I controlled myself. The packaging is nice, with black casing and 'Makeup Revolution' printed up the side in a beautiful rose gold shade. I think if they had decided to make that yellow gold, it could've looked cheap, so very well done there Makeup Revolution, it's a lovely touch. At the end of each lipstick is a clear top with a small amount of the lipstick pressed inside so you can see the colour clearly. I always assume this is the base, I don't know why, but it's the lid and I always end up opening them upside down.

The lipsticks themselves are super soft and creamy and remain that way on the lips. They are highly pigmented and I was surprised at how long they lasted. One, because they are only £1 and two, because they are so creamy I thought the lasting power might be compromised. They're not as long lasting as some other brands, but for £1, it did really well. I'm impressed and I will definitely be trying some of the other colours over time - they even have a Vamp range, which will be fab for Halloween (or everyday vamps, of course).

Makeup Revolution is a cruelty-free brand, which provides a wide range of makeup starting from only £1. They've also created some limited edition palettes; I'm excited to get my hands on those. If you like the sound of Makeup Revolution, keep your eyes peeled for some more reviews on Happy Little Lift soon. In the meantime, you can visit the Makeup Revolution Website or visit your local Superdrug!

Kayleigh x

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