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Friday, September 26

How to: Lighten your eyebrows at home

If you lighten your hair, you most likely want to lighten your brows too. Dark brows with light hair can look quite harsh, so if you'd like to soften the look you can quite easily bleach your eyebrows at home. Currently, my brows are much darker than my hair and that's because I can't decide whether to stay blonde or go back dark; until I decide, I'll leave them dark. I was always a little scared of bleaching my brows, but I've got to tell you I absolutely love the results! I'm a big fan of a fabulous brow, but lighter brows can look just as amazing; the softness it brings to your face gives such a 'pretty' look.

First up, you're going to want to get yourself some bleach suitable for the face (packaging always suggests to complete a 24hr test, to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the product, so make sure you do that too). I use Jolen and I don't know if it's just the boxes I pick up, but they NEVER seem to have instructions in them and that's 3 boxes in a row. The first time I picked up a box, I had to look it up online to find out how much of each pot I had to use and how long to leave it for.

A 30ml box of Jolen will cost you about £4 and you can get it from the usual places; Boots, Superdrug, other chemists and supermarkets. You can get a bigger box of 125ml for about £10, but unless you use this on more than just your brows (some ladies like to lighten the hairs on their arms), then the little one will do you just fine and will last absolutely ages. You can get it in the original formula or a mild formula, which contains aloe vera; I always buy the mild formula. In the box, you get a pot of crème bleach, a pot of powder bleach accelerator, a spatula and a mini palette to mix it on.

All you need to do is pop about a quarter of a teaspoon of the accelerator on the palette and mix it with about half a teaspoon of the crème bleach. Once you have a smooth paste, completely coat the brows and leave it on for about 10 minutes. You can remove a little bit with the spatula to check on the colour and if you need to leave it on for an extra 5 minutes or so after that, then do so. When you're done lightening remove the paste with the spatula and rinse off any excess. It's as easy as that.

Jolen leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and I feel like my brows have been conditioned after lightening them. Just remember when mixing it up, always use twice as much crème bleach as you do accelerator. So if you were lightening a larger area and you used one full spatula of accelerator, then you need two full spatulas of crème bleach. As long as you stick to that and keep a close eye on the hairs during the development time, you can't go wrong.

It obviously goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway - your eyebrows are right above your eyes and this is bleach. Although mild, it can still burn and could seriously damage your eyes if you got any in there so be extremely careful not to let any drip into your eye. It shouldn't drip as it's quite a firm texture, but if you do somehow manage to get some in your eyes, rinse them immediately and please seek medical attention if you experience any soreness, itching or redness.

Kayleigh x

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