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Monday, September 1

Build a Bear: Captain America

Remember yesterday, when I mentioned that Gareth and I have interests that wouldn't look out of place at a child's birthday party on 'Happy New Month'? Well, here's another one for you. Gareth dropped me off at work the other day and came back about half an hour later to tell me he had seen Marvel bears in the Build a Bear Workshop and he was pretty excited...he's 29. Being a sucker for surprising people and having a slight obsession and love for buying gifts for people, I instantly planned to take one home for him that evening.

My lovely friend, Holly and I (she's kind of a big deal), went across to the Build a Bear Workshop on our break to explore our options. We instantly spotted the Spiderman and Captain America bears sitting side by side on a little shelf and they were right next to all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; too cool! I knew Gareth would love them all, but I wasn't sure which turtle he would have preferred and I hate to disappoint, so I stuck with Marvel.

I was initially drawn to the Spiderman bear because he was bright red and a really obvious design from afar, but I decided Gareth would prefer Captain America. He is so soft and is covered in little blue shields, with red paws and ears. We went and got him stuffed, but skipped the voice and beating heart; I've seen far too many horror films to have that kind of creepy stuff in my house.

We took Captain America to the computers to design a birth certificate and Steve Rogers was born! The amount of costumes and accessories available to these bears is completely overwhelming. There were children wheeling about stuffed My Little Ponies on roller skates and other bears had suitcases and 'Pawsports' ready to go abroad on their holidays; it was insane! I can't even begin to imagine how much excitement a child experiences when they get to kit out the bears that they create from scratch - it's such a lovely place.

We decided to leave Steve naked, because the Captain America costume was too obvious and the Batman costume took away from his cuteness, although we did let Steve try it on! I've told Gareth that he can take Steve back to the workshop on Steve's birthday and buy him an outfit. My lovely man-child is very happy with this and his new bear.

You can get your own Captain America bear for £19 from any Build a Bear Workshop. I believe you can get them online too, but if it's for real kids and not giant ones, the experience is far too great to pass up on.

Welcome to the family Steve!

Kayleigh x

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