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Wednesday, September 17

100th Post Giveaway: And the winners are...

My 100th Post Giveaway has come to an end and the winners have been chosen. Please check your inbox if your name is below, I need you to confirm that you would still like to accept the prize within the next 72 hours! If you didn't win this time, don't worry; I plan on holding regular giveaways and there will be another one soon.

In the meantime, have you had a look at my International Box Swap? I have quite a few ladies currently interested, so if you fancy getting a box of goodies and giving a box of goodies of an agreed value, please pop your email address down and get involved!

Thank you again for your continued support; I would never have made it to 100 posts without your encouragement and interactions. Here's to 200 posts - I appreciate every single one of you; love to you all!

Kayleigh x

You will only ever come second if you try to be someone else, but you will always win 1st place at being yourself.