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Monday, August 18

Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion in 'Cocoa Radiant'

If you managed to have a read of my Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula review, you'll know that I love my cocoa butter moisturising creams. I've been using the Vaseline Essential Radiance one for a while now and I feel I have enough on it to share my thoughts. The Vaseline essential moisture cocoa radiant rich feel lotion for healthy glowing skin is quite a mouthful, but does exactly what it says on the tin; well, bottle.

First of all, it smells amazing; a really lovely cocoa scent, without being too overpowering. The formula is made with pure cocoa butter and feels rich and deeply moisturising, but not heavy on the skin. I find some moisturising lotions with pure cocoa butter can feel a little too heavy and you can really feel that you've put something on, but this feels extremely light. It doesn't leave any greasy feeling behind either, just lovely soft feeling skin. It's really easy to apply because it absorbs so quickly; I use it all over my body after my shower (except my face).

You can get the Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotions in three varieties altogether. The 'cocoa radiant', which is the one that I use and claims to be a rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin - I highly agree! I haven't used the 'aloe fresh' (green bottle) or the 'essential moisture' (yellow bottle) varieties as I loved this one so much, I just kept buying it. You can see from the below picture what each of them claim to do and if they're anything like the cocoa radiant, I think they'll live up to their claims.

You can pick up the Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotions from the usual places: Boots, Superdrug, your local supermarkets and chemists, and Amazon. They cost around £3 for 200ml and £5 for 400ml. You can also get them in an aerosol version, which I plan on trying next.

Kayleigh x

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