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Tuesday, August 5

Transformation: Betty Boop!

Good evening and welcome to my first transformation post. I've planned on creating makeup transformations since I started blogging and I have now completed my first one. I'm still working on the video (the editing software is all a bit new to me still, so bear with me please). However, I can show you some photos and the wonderful costume sent to me from Jokers' Masquerade.

Original Black & White Betty!
Now, my friends and I love any excuse for a fancy dress party and we definitely do not limit ourselves to Halloween. If you're someone who loves playing dress up, then I'm hoping you'll love my transformations; I will be doing makeup, hair and costume tutorials. I will be making some of my costumes, buying some and on some very lucky occasions (like this one), I may be sent one. If you're a 'once a year only' fancy dresser, then check out Jokers' Masquerade Halloween range.

My Betty costume came with a dress and a wig and didn't need much else to be Betty really. The dress is a medium, which fits sizes 10-14 (UK), according to the packet. I generally fall within the 10-12-14 range depending on where I shop so this was obviously the perfect sizing for me. The dress is red and sequinned and of good quality. It is elasticated around the top and has built-in elastic inside the chest area for a bit of shape. I did find the dress exceptionally short on me (just grazing my bum), but it's probably meant for girls with slightly smaller boobs; I think mine lifted the dress a little too high.

The wig is really good and much better quality than I would expect from a costume pack from any fancy dress shop. It fits perfectly, even with a huge head like mine, and sits in the right position without any messing about. I was dreading putting it on at first as I thought it would be itchy as hell and I would be fiddling with it whilst trying to take photos and make the video, but I was pleasantly surprised. The curls had flattened a little during transportation so I ever so gently spruced them back up with a brush and twisted the curls into Betty position.

I love this costume and as a lifelong fan of Betty Boop; you name it, I have it: pyjamas, pants, pens, notebooks, figurines (giant, big, little, my name spelt out in Betty Boops), t-shirts, calendars, diaries, cups and all sorts of other Betty Boop merchandise that I can't think of right now; one might say I'm a huge fan!

If you like the look of this costume, I suggest you pay Jokers' Masquerade a visit; they have such a huge selection and their website is so easy to navigate. Their search filters are actually so well thought out that it could help you decide on a costume if you're struggling and everything is really reasonably priced too. I love the TV and Film costumes; the Walking Dead and Rapunzel costumes are definitely next on my wish list.

Stay tuned for the Betty Boop Makeup Tutorial! It will be with us all very soon and I hope you love it.

Kayleigh x

You will only ever come second if you try to be someone else, but you will always win 1st place at being yourself.