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Monday, August 11

Smashbox Try It Kit: Best Sellers

I've always loved the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and I've been using the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream for a while now. I recently bought the Try It Kit, which provides mini versions of some of the best-selling products.

Inside the kit, you get 7.1ml of the original Photo Finish Foundation Primer, a 0.5ml Photo Finish Lid Primer, a 4ml Full Exposure Mascara, a 0.8g Limitless Eyeliner and a lovely 4.2ml Lip Enhancing Gloss. I have used all of these products over the past few days and I love them! I already use the primer, so I know it's good. If you haven't tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer yet, why not? This is the best thing your makeup bag will ever experience; there is one for every skin type and your makeup will have never looked as good as it will with this primer underneath.

I had never tried the lid primer before as I had never really seen much point in having separate primers for different parts of your face, but this is great. It has a slight colour to it, so it's great for the thin skin of your eyelids, where some people may have slight discolouration or visible veins. It also makes a huge difference to your eye shadow; it really holds onto the pigment and makes the colour look amazing, it lasts all night long and I have not experienced any creasing in my makeup or had any issues with mascara or liner printing above my eye.

Kohl liner is kohl liner, right? Wrong! The Limitless Eyeliner (in 'Onyx') goes on so easily, without dragging the skin and leaves behind a lovely smooth black. It is extremely long lasting and does not transfer onto your lid over time, like some gel and liquid liners can do, annoyingly. The Full Exposure Mascara tops the liner off perfectly, giving you full and long lashes, without clumps! The brush is huge and perfectly shaped to cover all of your lashes, even the tiny ones. I've heard this being compared to Benefit's They're Real and I have to say, it doesn't even come close - Full Exposure is so far out in front that the comparison shouldn't be there at all. They're Real has a plastic brush and makes your lashes spidery and sometimes even clumpy, whereas the Full Exposure has a natural brush, applies evenly to lashes and gives a full, beautiful look.

Finally, the lip enhancing gloss is a very pretty shade, Illume. It's not sticky, but it is very long lasting. It gives a nice gentle glow of colour with a little shimmer and the wand is soft and easy to use - I'm not sure it is 'lip enhancing' though. 

The Try It Kit is only £19 and with that, you get to try five different products, all of which are luxury sample sizes. If you haven't used many (or even any) Smashbox products, this kit is the perfect place to start as you get a taster of the best. There are other kits available at Smashbox too, which include a Primer Try It Kit and the Try It Kit: BB+Halo. I think the kits are a great idea as high-end brands can be quite an investment if you're not sure what to buy and if you're not sure if you're going to like the results; more brands should create these kinds of kits.

Kayleigh x

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