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Sunday, August 3


The Douche Journals
Volume One
The definitive account of one man's genius
With a foreword by Nick Miller!

I love this guy; douchebag jar, hair chut-en-ay and all! This is Schmidt and if you've never watched New Girl, what the hell are you playing at? Long story short, Schmidt used to be a fat guy, then he lost weight and now he's hot (as perceived by modern day society - that's not me saying you have to be thin to be hot). Anyway, back to Schmidt, now he's hot he has a tendency to say and do some ridiculous things and as a result, his flatmates created the Douchebag Jar!

This wonderful journal is basically full of all the things Schmidt did and said; including: location, occasion, notes and the amount required to be put into the Douchebag Jar. It's so funny (especially when you know how Schmidt would have said it - watch New Girl), but I have to say the best bit of the book is the foreword by Nick Miller (Schmidt's flatmate in New Girl). I'm not going to spoil anything here for you, but however funny you think it's going to be and no matter how hard you try to imagine what it's going to be like, it's most likely something completely different - it's definitely different!

You can get Schmidt's Journal from Amazon (currently £8.27) and those of you yet to begin watching New Girl, go buy it and come tell us what you think. Those of you who already watch it, hands up who loves Schmidt!
Kayleigh x

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