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Wednesday, August 13

How to: Bleach your roots at home

I've had my hair most colours and those that I haven't tried, I most likely will in the future. Today, I thought I'd show you an easy way to bleach your roots at home. I naturally have very dark brown hair and this method lifts it to a platinum blonde quite quickly. Please excuse the rubbish photos of myself: 1. I don't really do selfies. 2. My camera never seems to focus on people, just things. 3. Deal with it.

Ok, so first things first, you're going to need to get yourself some bleach; I use the Jerome Russell BBlonde. The powder bleach comes in a box and contains four sachets of powder and then you buy the little bottles of cream peroxide. You can get the peroxide in 30 and 40 VOL, which is just the strength of the bleach. I normally buy 40, but I think I may try 30 next time because it does work really quickly and 40 can burn a little when it's on your hair. The cream peroxide is about £1.60 and the box of four sachets of powder bleach is about £3.50; you can get both from the usual places - Boots, Superdrug, local chemists, larger supermarkets and maybe even Home Bargains. 

You don't want to be doing your roots all the time as, obviously, bleach can seriously damage your hair; every 4-6 weeks should work, but I think I left mine a little longer this time around due to starting a new job and just not having time - they look terrible I know, but perfect to show you the results!

You just need one of the sachets (so that means you have four uses in a box) and one bottle. You cannot keep half used bottles of peroxide or half sachets of powder bleach lying around so you need to buy a new bottle or stock up each time you do your roots and you must use the full sachet and bottle; you'll probably use it all anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue. Pop them into a bowl and mix it up. Some people like to use a brush, but I use a mini disposable spatula to mix it up because my lovely fiancĂ©, Gareth, applies the bleach for me and he doesn't like using the brushes. Make sure you have some gloves too; we get a big box of Spontex rubber gloves for pretty cheap in Tesco (50 pairs I think) and they just wait in the cupboard for hair dying or housework.

Apply the mixture to your roots - I section my hair with clips into as many sections as I can manage and then Gareth works his way across my head. It does firm up as it dries so it can be difficult to part the hair and see if everywhere is covered, so this is where sectioning can come in handy. If all else fails, make sure your hairline is completely covered and your main parting; you should be able to see your hair lightening so you can judge the timing yourself. By the time my head is completely covered, it's pretty much ready to rinse out. Try not to cover the rest of your hair that is already bleached as this can be damaging, I did here a little just because we had leftover mixture and I still have some light honey tones in my ends that I'm trying to lift (I literally left it on for about 30 seconds before jumping in the shower though).

When you rinse your hair, you're going to need to tone it to make sure you're not left with yellow roots and blonde hair. I use BLEACH London Silver Shampoo, but I also love John Frieda Colour Correcting Shampoo, Superdrug Ash Blonde Toner and Touch of Silver Shampoo. I intend to write reviews for these in the near future so you can decide which one would be best for you. When I do my roots, I tend to leave the shampoo on for about 10-15 minutes to make sure it corrects the colour and rinse; normally you can just use it like ordinary shampoo and don't need to leave it in your hair. Make sure you finish off with a really good quality conditioner; I highly recommend using TIGI "Serious" Conditioner and leaving it on for as long as possible. If I have time, I will get out of the shower after shampooing, towel dry my hair, coat it in conditioner and go watch something on Netflix before hopping back in the shower to rinse it off. 

And there we have it. There is a slightly darker patch towards the back of my head so I will be leaving my silver shampoo on in the morning when I shower and that should brighten it right up to match the rest of my hair. I'll then be using my Superdrug Ash Blonde Toner for a week or so to make my hair a more natural ash blonde shade; they also make it in Honey Blonde. For a few days after bleaching your roots, it can be quite a harsh look, some people like it when the roots start to regrow a little as it doesn't look quite so alien-like.

One last tip before you go; if you get any bleach on your hands, it can turn them white. Pop a little baby oil in a sink of warm water and soak your hands, rubbing the white areas, for about five minutes and it should clear that right up.

If you bleach your hair, how do you do it? I love trying new things so if you have any hints or tips or a completely different method, please do share.

Kayleigh x

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