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Sunday, August 10

GHOST: Eclipse Fragrance

Marie Claire's latest issue (September 2014) comes with a fancy little sample of GHOST's new fragrance, Eclipse. I say fancy, because it is not your usual teeny tiny vial with a spray pump lid, but a lovely glass bottle with a 3ml sample of the perfume. It is packaged nicely, wedged in the cut-out of a smooth foam, black rectangle and upon opening the bottle I was surprised to be greeted with a little rollerball. I think this is a fabulous idea because it means you only use what you need and don't go over splashing or spritzing yourself, meaning your sample will last much longer than a usual perfume sample.

The scent is very feminine, floral and the perfect addition to summer. As soon as I rolled a little onto my wrist, it instantly reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, which I quite liked as I wore that scent all through my school years. It was my mums, but my sister and I helped ourselves, we would've gotten away with it too if mum had used it more often. She obviously realised she was quickly running out as she only wore it for special occasions and we had to be stealthy with our spritzing after that - we made up for it though by buying her a new bottle every Mother's Day. I haven't worn Light Blue in many years, but Eclipse made me remember how much I love the smell.

Eclipse is floral at heart with lotus, rose, freesia and blonde woods being the central tones. It has fruity top notes with apple, blackcurrant buds, bergamot, marigold, peach, mandarin and lemon and then musk and amber crystals as the base notes. Eclipse really is beautiful with a rich and intriguing scent; but delicate, feminine and fresh all at the same time.

I would highly recommend at least picking up Marie Claire this month for £3.90 (2 for £5 on selected magazines in Asda) and trying GHOST Eclipse. I think this 3ml rollerball sample will last me a long time, even if I wear it most days. I'll definitely be buying a full size bottle once I've finished my sample as a cheaper alternative to D&G's Light Blue. It seems to range from around £22 to £46 depending on the size of the bottle and where you buy it from. You can never have too many bottles of perfume, right?

Kayleigh x

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