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Tuesday, August 26

Appy Little Lift: Notegraphy

I've discovered a lovely new app and I thought I'd show you all how it works. Notegraphy is suitable for people who like pretty quotes and text; so those of you who like to share quotes to Instagram and Pinterest, this is perfect for you.

 "Notegraphy is a web and mobile application that rethinks the way you write and share text online through design."

You set up a profile, which literally takes less than a minute and you can follow people and gain followers, although I have not felt the need for this feature. The main part of this app is to type in your text, whatever you want, and then choose a style to have the text put into a design. This design can then be shared to a variety of social media platforms and saved to your phone to use as you wish.

There are so many designs to choose from and every single one has three variations. Many of the styles enlarge the first letter of your text and make it a central part of the design, which I think works really well. The variety of designs is great, with: clean, colourful, pixelated, tribal, swirly, block and many other styles available to choose from.

Notegraphy is available for free on iPhone and Android.

Kayleigh x

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