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Thursday, July 3

Yoplait: Perle de Lait in 'Coco Coconut'

If you've ever seen the adverts for Perle de Lait yoghurts on TV, you probably laughed at how ridiculous they were. I love a good advert as much as the next person (cue: Cesar dog food advert, love it every single time), but you all surely know that an advert only helps (or is supposed to) sell a product and doesn't always reflect the quality or purpose of the product itself. Although the ads suck, I love this yoghurt and I think it deserves a mini review; even if it is a little random.

Flavours I am aware exist so far are Coconut, Lemon, Greek Style Strawberry and Greek Style Mango & Passionfruit. The tagline for the product reads: 'It's not a yoghurt, it's much more indulgent' and it doesn't actually say anywhere on the packaging that it is a yoghurt; between you and me, this is a yoghurt.

I have tried both the lemon and the coconut flavours and I have to say, I can be quite fussy when it comes to yoghurts. I always find lovely sounding flavours and then don't like them and they end up living in the fridge until about two days after the sell by date and then get thrown out (what a waste)! Anyway, I have found a new favourite snack with the Coconut Perle de Lait.

The coconut flavour hits you right away, which I think is rare in other coconut flavour yoghurts. The rest all seem to be so weak and when it does hit you, it's kind of sour tasting. It smells really good, not too coconut and not too yoghurt, just a nice creamy smell. Now, onto the best bit, it tastes amazing! It is really creamy, but really light tasting at the same time; I've found that it always tastes cool, even when it's been sitting on my desk waiting to eat it for 45 minutes while I've been blogging. Finally, the flavours are just spot on, such a smooth blend of yoghurt and coconut and it leaves you with a lovely exotic taste.


As always, open with the lid facing away from you (to avoid unfortunate splattering of yoghurt all over face, clothes, walls; you name it).

Grab spoon.


Have you tried any of the Perle de Lait range? What's your favourite flavour? Or, do you have another favourite snack right now? Let us know below or @HappyLittleLift.

Kayleigh x
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