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Wednesday, July 30

What do your dreams really mean?

I always have really vivid dreams; sometimes so real that I wake up wondering if they actually happened or not. When I wake up from a long dream, I take note of some of the main things that happened or that I saw and I look up what they mean. I've collated some of the most common dream topics so you can see what your dreams really mean. I could've put this post together with pictures of teeth, spiders and death; but instead, I've chosen to add pictures of adorable sleeping animals (much nicer).

Teeth in dreams symbolise relationships. If you lose a tooth, then it suggests you have lost or are in the process of losing a relationship. If you have wobbly teeth, you need to work on some relationships as these are not safe and are close to being lost.

Spiders represent guilt of not completing something. Procrastinating students will regularly dream about spiders as they symbolise the work they have not done and feel guilty about putting it off. The bigger the spider, the bigger the task you have been avoiding.

To dream of dying in your sleep generally means a part of you is dying. It is meant to symbolise a transition you are going through; something in your life might be changing, which could be leaving a certain part of life behind or it could be that you have kicked a bad habit or have gained a new one.

Falling in your dream suggests a loss of control. You have nothing or no one around you to catch you and you are in a vulnerable position. This dream could also bring some level of insecurity with it; you may fall if you're feeling uncertain about a situation in life.

To dream you are flying suggests you are feeling free and in control of a situation.

Being naked in a dream can mean a few things. It could be that you're feeling vulnerable or exposed in a situation, it could also mean that you feel free and don't need to cover up. If you are looking for attention, dreaming about being naked could mean that you are going the wrong way about getting it.

Please note, I am not a professional dream interpreter (I'm not sure if that's actually a thing), but this is just the knowledge I have built up from researching my own dreams over the years. How much truth there is to it, I'm not sure, but the meanings I know of generally do fit with my current situations in life. What do you think; do these match up with any dreams you've had in these categories lately?

Kayleigh x

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