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Monday, July 7

The Body Shop: Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder & Concealer All-in-One

I went to The Body Shop the other day to pick up a new bronzer, but to my delight there was an offer on to 'buy one get one half price', so I came away with a concealer too. I also renewed my annual Body Shop Reward Account and received a free Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray.

I usually never take products from the front of the shelf and I'm reluctant to buy anything if there's only one left; is anyone else like that? Perhaps I'm a little strange. Anyway, I found the bronzer I was looking for and there was only one left in the shade I wanted...I bought it. When I got it home, I opened it to discover it was broken; so my weird habit of never buying from the front isn't completely irrational. It is possible to fix the break, but since it's just on the surface, I think I'll just leave it.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, The Body Shop £13

The Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder comes in a lovely sleek compact with a mirror inside and has a honeycomb pattern embossed into the powder. I think the name seems a little silly to have 'bronze bronzing' in the title, but it's a best seller so The Body Shop must be doing something right. I love the colour of the bronzer on my skin; I went for 02 Fair Matte. It is a lovely matte shade and does not look orange or muddy. It's also really easy to apply and blends easily. You can pick up this bronzer for £13 from The Body Shop, which may be a little pricey for a bronzer, but if you like a matte finish then this is the best bronzer on the market!

Concealer All-in-One, The Body Shop £8.50

The concealer was recommended to me in the shop as I didn't know what to get for my 'half price item'; I was so spoilt for choice. The lovely lady suggested I buy the Concealer All-in-One in shade '00', which is the lightest. It is a slightly pink shade and so far, I really like it. It is quite creamy, but blends really easily and has a matte finish. You don't need a lot at all; I just apply it directly and blend with my fingers or a brush. The coverage is quite light to medium, but it covers dark shadows nicely and small blemishes. It stays put all day, as long as you set it with a powder.

What are you loving from The Body Shop at the moment?

Kayleigh x

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