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Thursday, July 17

Sweet Potato, Mango & Garlic Chicken

My dad is an amazing cook; honestly, I think he could've gone pro if he had wanted to. He always taught me that cooking is about trial and error; meaning you never truly know what will work, until you try it out. That does mean that some things you make might not taste as you'd expected them to and some might turn out a complete mess, but it also means that you can happen upon all sorts of different dishes, just by playing around with the ingredients. That's exactly what I did with this Sweet Potato, Mango & Garlic Chicken. Now, I'm not one for measuring things because I work with the trial and error method, it's more like a 'hmm, I'll throw a bit of that in and this' as I go along.

The ingredients I started with were two chicken breasts, one sweet potato (you could use more, but mine was a beast!), one carrot, one onion, one red pepper, two cloves of garlic and some mango chunks. For some flavouring, I decided to use Nando's Garlic Peri Peri sauce, soy sauce and organic honey. I like to prep everything first so I can just throw it in when the time is right, so you start out with something that looks like this.

I boiled the sweet potato chunks for 15 minutes and put the chicken in a pan with a little sunflower oil and I put some lime juice in too; I left the chicken to sit and soak up the lime while the potato got going. After 15 minutes, I turned the heat under the potato down and turned the chicken on, adding the garlic, onion and pepper when it had started to brown off; I also added the carrot to the potato at this point. While I was cooking, I put in plenty of soy sauce, a little Worcester sauce, a nice dollop of the garlic peri peri sauce and then two big squeezes of honey. At first, I thought I had put a little too much honey in because that is all I could smell, but I stuck with it and I can assure you, it did not taste of honey. Once it was all blended nicely, I added the mango chunks, drained the potato and carrot and added them too and added some coarse salt granules to add a little crisp to the potato and to add an opposite flavour to the sweetness of the dish so far.

I wasn't quite sure how to present this dish as it ended up as a one pan dish, you can really only put it in a mound on your plate. Perhaps some nice green broccoli or spinach would have complimented it perfectly if you were cooking for guests and presentation was going to be important. I really like how this dish turned out, it tasted wonderful; the chicken soaked up the peri peri so had a nice kick to it, whereas the potato was soft with a bite from the salt and the mango just sweetened everything right up. If I was going to change anything, I would have perhaps added some spinach to the dish and maybe served a smaller portion with a little side of rice.

What do you think? Is this something you can see yourself trying? What have you created in the kitchen lately that you weren't quite sure how it would end up?

Kayleigh x

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