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Wednesday, July 9

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E and since I just bought a new tube, I thought I'd tell you why I think it's so awesome!

You can get Palmer's from Boots, Superdrug, your local supermarkets and chemists, and I think shops like Home Bargains will probably stock it too. There is such a wide variety of products available and they are so affordable; I've found the largest variety available at Boots. I picked up my tube of concentrated cream from Tesco for £1.30 (60g) and, because it's concentrated, it lasts for months. I use this at least once a day (sometimes more if I've used soap that makes my hands feel dry) and you only need a teeny amount.

This cream smells so delicious; like cocoa butter would you believe? I use it on my hands daily and on my elbows, knees and feet now and again. Palmer's Cocoa Butter products also claim to make an excellent after tanning butter and ideal for stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Now, I'm not much of a tanner and I've not had any babies so I cannot confirm this claim, but I can imagine it to be true; it really is somewhat of a miracle product for me.

The concentrated cream is a nice size tube, ideal for popping in your bag and applying when you feel a little moisture boost is in need. The cream applies really nicely, it's quite firm as it's a butter so it doesn't go running all over the place. It blends in perfectly leaving you with beautifully soft hands and no sticky residue or greasy feeling. However, if you do apply too much, you may find that your hands will feel a little clammy for a few minutes; just leave it to dry and rub your hands together every 20 seconds until it feels like it has all soaked in (and then use a little bit less next time).

Some liquid soaps are really drying on my hands so I use hand cream every single day. I have tried so many different ones and I have definitely found my favourites; Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is at the top of my list! Have you tried it yet?

Kayleigh x

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