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Friday, July 11

'My Senses' Bar Soap

Tesco range 'My Senses' have a new selection of bar soaps and they're only 75p; even better, they're currently 2 for £1! There are four different flavours (I know they're actually scents, but I always call different fragrances flavours - we've already established I'm a little strange) available and with the fabulous deal, I thought I'd pick up one of each and tell you which ones are worth a purchase and which ones should be left on the shelf.

I was actually quite surprised with the ones I love and the ones that are just ok; the four flavours are 'Cocoa Butter & Honey', 'Lavender & Chamomile', 'Pomegranate & Grapeseed' and 'Aloe Vera & Green Tea'. The boxes are nicely designed and what first attracted me to these soaps; like most people who love beauty, I'm a sucker for great packaging! The soaps are loose inside the box, but they are well glued down; each has a slight colour to represent their fragrance and the smells are all quite mild. The shape and feel of the bars are similar to the Dove soap bars.

I'll start with the 'Cocoa Butter & Honey' as that is the one I expected to like the most and, although I don't think it smells like cocoa butter, it is the one I like the most. This one actually has quite a citrus scent, with a hint of sweetness to it. There are extremely mild undertones of cocoa butter and honey, but you've got to really want to smell them. This is the only one I washed my hands with, because I didn't want to use them all and have four soaps sitting around my bathroom sink. It frothed up nicely and still had the same strength of fragrance as it had in the box. I ate cheese and onion crisps before washing my hands to see how well the soap removed odours and I can tell you my hands don't smell of cheese and onion, but they don't smell of anything else either so the fragrance is definitely not a lasting one. That's fine for me though; the soap cleansed my hands, removed odours and smelt nice during washing - that's really all you need in soap. I've mentioned before that liquid soaps can be quite drying on my hands and I guess any soap can be, but my hands still feel quite nice and soft after washing with this soap.

Since I didn't use the other soaps I just opened them and smelt them, I'll tell you a little about their fragrance. I must say, I don't think the scents are what they say they are; but they still smell nice. The 'Lavender & Chamomile' was the one I least expected to like as I'm not a big lavender fan, but this was my second favourite. Again, it's quite sweet and really just smells of clean (is that a smell?). It's lovely and fresh, but also nice and relaxing and has a slight undertone of Parma Violets. The 'Pomegranate & Grapeseed' was my least favourite, although I expected this to come second. It just smells quite dated and I think it's possibly strong enough to give you a headache. The only thing I really liked about this one was that it's pink; I probably won't use this. Finally, we have the 'Aloe Vera & Green Tea', which was my third favourite and where I expected it to come in order of how I would rate them. It's a fresh smell that I think a lot of people would like and although I don't mind it, I prefer my cosy fragrances (like vanilla, cocoa, honey and coconut); I would say this is the only one that smells true to its name.

All four of the soaps are enriched with moisturisers and Vitamin E, so you should hopefully not experience any drying effects. If you do, however, you should try my miracle hand cream 'Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula' - I adore it!

What kind of soaps do you like? Have you tried these yet?

Kayleigh x

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