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Tuesday, July 15

Montagne Jennesse Skin Polisher Face Mask

I've always loved the Montagne Jennesse face masks, so when a friend put this one in a bag of goodies for my birthday, I was delighted! This particular pack is two masks; the Skin Polisher and the Peel Off Masque. I decided to use the Skin Polisher and share the results with you.

The first thing I can tell you is, this smells like honey yoghurt and it was quite a strong yoghurt smell. That's not a bad thing, but I wasn't expecting it, so don't say I didn't warn you. I chose to review this one because it claims to be a 'hydrating and moisturising' mask and I thought that would be the best one for my skin, since it can be quite dry.

I applied the mask all over my face (avoiding my eyes) and left it for a good 15 minutes. As I applied the mask, I could feel the grains in the cream and it did feel like a cream, more than a mask. Most other masks I've tried have felt more like a slightly dense facial wash and this was a much heavier than that. It was easy to apply, but I wish there had been slightly more in the sachet (maybe my face is too big). Anyway, I managed to cover my face but the mask was spread a little thin along my jaw line and temples. As I left it to work its magic, I could feel it tightening very gently; some people may not even notice the tightening. As I rinsed it off, it started to blend into my face like a butter and so I just massaged it around my face for a few minutes to get the benefit of the exfoliating granules and then washed it off completely. I had to use a flannel to get rid of every last little bit, because it was so thick some of it just wanted to run around my face and not get off.

My skin looks nice and bright, but you're not going to see a major transformation with masks like this. It's just a nice little treat for yourself every week or so if you fancy a pampering session. My skin felt a little bit tight, like dry skin usually can after washing, but a little bit of moisturiser sorted that right out to leave me with lovely, soft, fresh feeling skin.

I love the fact that these masks are 100% cruelty free and their packaging is cute. You can usually pick these masks up for about a £1 from supermarkets, chemists, Boots, Superdrug and probably Amazon and anywhere else that has a beauty section. There are so many different types; I really like the self-heating one too, if you ever decide to try one.

Kayleigh x

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