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Sunday, July 6

How to: Give your feet a Happy Little Lift

Summer is a great time for your feet because they get to come out and play. Finally, they get some attention instead of being stuffed into fluffy slippers and socks and hidden inside boots and wellies. If you haven't been showing your feet any love until now, they may be in need of some TLC. I've put together a little guide to get your feet in top shape and show you how to maintain their loveliness all year round.


First up, you need to remove any dry skin and exfoliate your feet until beautifully smooth. I know a lot of people who don't like using pumice stones because they don't think they work; however, I have worked out the trick to get the perfectly soft feet you desire. Use a wet stone on a dry foot! That's it, simple; don't use it in the shower or bath like many do, as the wet stone on a wet foot just doesn't get the same result. Try it and let me know what you think.


Whenever your feet get wet, make sure you dry them properly; I can't stress the importance of this enough. Make sure you get in between the toes and you leave them to air for a minute before putting on any moisturisers or foot balms. Not drying your feet properly can lead to all sorts of different foot conditions. If you do think you have something that doesn't seem quite right about your feet, make sure you go see your GP because I'm not a foot expert.


Now you have lovely soft feet, you want to add some rich moisture to keep the skin supple. I use the Intensive Rescue Heel Balm by Sanctuary from Boots. Sanctuary actually has an awesome range of products to help you look after your feet and if you're not too keen on the pumice stone, they have a pumice foot scrub.


You may remember '10 beauty uses for everyday items' where I told you that using a wedge of lemon on your nails can brighten them up. Try this beauty tip on your toenails too, they'll love you for it!


Make sure you push back your cuticles weekly and keep them lovely and moisturised with cuticle oil, baby oil or lip balm. That's right, lip balm makes a great cuticle moisturiser; I know plenty of weird and wonderful beauty tips


I've told you all about how I broke the bad habit of biting my nails before and although I've never bitten my toenails (I'd probably break my back), the same kind of method applies here to get into the habit of looking after them. If you spend a little bit of time once a week to paint your toenails and look after your cuticles, you will have a lot more pride in your feet and will want to show them a little more attention from now on. Remember, it takes 21 days to start a new habit (may vary slightly per person), so if you paint your nails once a week for 3 weeks, you should already be showing your feet a lot more love.

I popped into The Body Shop the other day and discovered the Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, which is a blend of menthol and peppermint oil to instantly revive tired feet and give lasting freshness. I actually got this for free because I renewed my annual Body Shop Reward Card, but it was retailing at £6. I really like it so far, it smells a bit like mouthwash, but it is really cooling and my feet do feel lovely and fresh after a quick spritz. I like to spray my feet after a long day when I just want them to cool down and relax.


Summer comes with sun (although, not as much as we'd like) and the sun is hot. It doesn't matter if you admit it or not, but heat makes people sweat and with so many sweat glands in the human foot, your feet will also sweat. I've known people to say they've never ever had sweaty feet, but like I say, it's the human foot. So, if you're human, you've had sweaty feet at least once in your life. Sweating in footwear can leave your shoes damp and even if you wash your feet and look after them daily, your footwear can start to smell. If you rotate your footwear during the summer months, you will be able to avoid foot odour and keep feet healthy as you're allowing your shoes to air out. Make sure you wash your shoes regularly and if you wear flip flops and sandals, clean them with a baby wipe and dry them properly after wearing them.

Do you have any tips to keep your feet in wonderful condition? Share them with us in the comments or @HappyLittleLift.

Kayleigh x

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