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Sunday, July 20

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

Protect your lips from the drying effects of sunlight, air conditioning and the sea breeze this summer with Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm. The Carmex lip balm has been around for many years, since 1937 to be exact, and is a favourite for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It has been a favourite of mine for about 10 years and if it isn't already, I think it will soon be a favourite of yours. You can pick up your Carmex balm in a squeezy tube, a wind up stick or in this cute little pot. I don't know what it is, but I can't resist a beauty product in an adorable little pot. Carmex also have other flavours of the balm, including: mint, cherry, pomegranate, lime, strawberry, and vanilla.

Since I just got a new pot of Carmex, I thought it was time to share just how great this product is (plus, a full pot looks better than an empty one). I love the smell of my Original Carmex, it is a subtle blend of cacao seed butter, vanilla and menthol. I have tried the cherry one too and it smells amazing, but I always just buy the original and have never felt the need to try the others. I have tried the balm in stick and squeezy tube form and they are different, so you can try them all and see which works best for you. I found the stick to be a little harder and it has a less 'melt on the lips' effect that the pot has. It's just like a standard lip balm texture and although it's Carmex, it just didn't have the same wow factor for me. The squeezy tube is great and I think will be a favourite for many, but I find it a little too runny. You definitely get the most out of the pot and I just love the application and the texture of the pot more than the other two.

If you've ever used Vaseline, you might expect Carmex to be similar, but Carmex is actually quite fine in texture; not as thick and gloopy as Vaseline (I do love Vaseline too though, don't get me wrong). Upon applying Carmex to your lips, you instantly feel your lips being moisturised and it does not come with any stickiness at all. You'll also feel a slight tingling (that's the menthol) and you can really feel it doing its job; it's refreshing. You can wear Carmex alone or even under your lipstick, gloss, tint or any other products you like to wear on your lips; Carmex can even be used a little like a primer as it can make your colour last longer - depending on what kind of product you're using.

The Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm will forever remain one of my miracle beauty products! Does it make your list?

Kayleigh x

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