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Sunday, July 20

Bellápierre Mineral Lipstick in 'Ruby'

I recently encountered the Bellápierre mineral lipstick in Ruby and here's what I think. The design is very sleek, with a quilted cut out on two sides of the lipstick and a silver band around the middle, with the brand written in silver up one side. Although I think they could have been a little more creative with the design, they've kept it classic and suitable for all tastes.

Mineral makeup is the creation of makeup without the parabens, lanolin and chemicals. It is made using natural minerals from organic sources and is said to be better for your skin. This obviously comes at a price and mineral makeup does tend to be a little more expensive in some instances. Not all mineral makeup is 100% mineral makeup, so do remember that if you decide to invest in a mineral brand.

The Ruby Mineral Lipstick is lovely and moisturising and is extremely long lasting. I found it has lasted for about 5 hours on average, before needing to top up the colour; this has varied depending on eating and drinking. I've not had any problems with it feathering or bleeding and the colour is such a lovely shade of red, with no orange undertones - which means it's the kind that helps to make your teeth look whiter.

It also blends so beautifully, this lipstick would be perfect to use as a blusher too; just don't use too much, it is ruby red after all! 

The mineral lipstick is available in 6 shades: Catwalk, Envy, Fierce, Luminous, Mandarina and of course Ruby; it is £20 from the Bellápierre website.

Kayleigh x

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