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Wednesday, July 30

'Appy Little Lift: Google Keep

I've recently discovered the Google Keep app and after trying the likes of Wunderlist, Todoist and Any.do, I have found it very easy to use and very stylish. I do like the other apps I've just mentioned, but I find them all a bit too boring to use (black and white in a linear list) and I just end up back with my pretty Paperchase lists. I have dabbled with Evernote and I do use it, but it has so many features, it can get a little complicated. I already run a complicated system for myself, so the easier the app, the better.

With Google Keep, you can make notes and lists on your phone, you can record notes in an instant and you can add photos from your gallery or take new ones from the app. All of these things can be colour coded, which I love, and they are then displayed on your 'notes' screen. The note and list making facilities are easy to type in and save and you can set yourself time or location reminders. I really like the idea of leaving yourself a note to try out a new restaurant and setting yourself a location reminder; the next time you're in the location set, your phone will remind you that you wanted to try that restaurant. The record facility is spot on and has really impressed me with its accuracy.

It's so simple to use once you have your notes displayed in front of you. You just swipe away anything you want to put into your archive or you can hold it down and press delete to remove it entirely. Once you've held a note down, you can select more than one and send a selection to the recycle bin or to your archive. You also have a quick note option on your main 'notes' screen where you can quickly add a note without going into the full settings; you can always go in and add any reminders later (tip: if you change the colour via the quick note option, you will be changing the default colour of all of your notes). You also have the option to expand your quick note, to access the full options available. Above your quick notes option, you can also access your search facility to search your notes, this includes your archived notes.

I tend to be quite shallow when it comes to apps, so if it looks good, I'll keep using it. I like the colours and the design of this app and that's why I'll be continuing to use it over some of the other brilliant task management apps available as many of them tend to be black and white lists (yawn).

Google Keep is free for Android and is also accessible online. The online site syncs automatically with your Google account and you can display your notes like the app or in list format. It doesn't currently have any extra features over the app (other than being able to view your notes in a list), but this kind of creation is better in mobile format anyway, I think.

What are your essential apps for staying organised? I love trying new apps, especially if they're clean and colourfully designed!

Kayleigh x

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