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Tuesday, July 22

'Appy Little Lift: Duolingo

If you enjoy reading my blog and have been following my ramblings, you will most likely know that I love learning. I absorb knowledge and if I thought it was humanly possible, 'learn everything about everything in the entire universe' would be on my Bucket List. If you ever read my Liebster Award post, you will also know that I'm trying to learn some languages; all with a lovely Yorkshire accent (ha). That's where today's post comes in - Duolingo is an amazing language learning app that I've been using for a while now and I think it's time I share with you just how much this has helped me (and hopefully how much it can help you too). I used to use this on my iPhone, but since I use a Galaxy now, I've downloaded the app afresh so you can see how it works from the very beginning.

With Duolingo, you have the option to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. If you are Greek, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese, you also have the option to learn English. There is a French option for German users and a German option for Spanish users; so as you can see, it caters to a lot of different languages across the world and it is constantly improving.

You first need to choose your language and then you learn by completing lessons in different categories. Each language starts with the very basics and then progresses onto all sorts of other different things; including: food, sport, shopping, objects, transport and many more. The questions within the lessons vary between choosing the correct option, typing the English translation, typing the French (in this case) translation, saying a phrase into the microphone and picking the correct words to form the right translation. Throughout each challenge, the words are said correctly, so you can learn the pronunciation of the words as you learn their meanings. You also have the option to turn off the microphone questions entirely or press 'I can't use the microphone right now', so you don't lose any hearts for missing those out.

The idea is that you complete a section without losing your 4 lives. I find the variety is what makes the app really easy to use and keeps it interesting. There are so many ways to learn languages that I just don't find as engaging as Duolingo and the fact you can learn the basics in several languages or work your way up and learn an entire language is ideal for me.

Duolingo is free and available on both iPhone and Android. I hope to see some Asian languages available in the future for all users. Have you tried Duolingo? I highly recommend it, so if you are currently trying to or have ever wanted to learn another language, look no further - Duolingo is the way to go!

Kayleigh x

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