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Friday, June 27

Time to get organised!

I've decided that I'd like to get organised before I return to university, to complete my final year, in September. I plan on clearing out old emails and deleting accounts I no longer need, I'm even going to organise all of my social media accounts and clear inactive users from my friends and followers lists (time consuming stuff, I know!). I think that this will help me to focus on my studies, when the time comes, instead of sitting with a deadline and thinking 'hmm, I haven't cleared my emails in months, I should do that before starting this report'; it will just remove unnecessary distractions further down the line and hopefully help me to remain focused on what's important (take note uni friends, you may wish to do the same; I know how much we consider ourselves professional procrastinators).

Anyway, as I was scouring the internet for some pretty additions to my planning system, I came across a huge sale at Paperchase, yay! Here are some of the best finds:

Style and Fashion Journal, was £8.00 now £2.40
A personal notebook to help you shop for your wardrobe. This sounds like a great idea; it includes tips on body shape, occasion wear and shopping on a budget. Not the best start to avoid procrastination, but it may help me to clear out my wardrobe and avoid using this as an excuse not to study.

Family Organiser, was £15.00 now £7.50
This organiser appears to have everything: budgets, birthdays, contacts and more. I always feel like I need a family organiser just to get myself organised. I like that they come split into different sections and I just love categorising things!

Pushpin Tin, was £3.00 now £2.10
If you read 'Pretty Organised', you'll know that I'm a sucker for a pretty reminder. Alongside my magnetic pegs, these pins would look fabulous on my noticeboard.

Zanzibar Magazine Holder, was £12.00 now £8.40
I love a good magazine, the only problem being that I'm a hoarder (and not ashamed to admit it) and they get left everywhere. This wonderfully tropical magazine holder should fix my hoarding problem and help me to clear my desk of magazines.

Large Magnetic Notebook, was £10.00 now £5.00
You can never have too many notebooks and I love this cute vintage bird design. It is a narrow ruled notebook with a delicate pink ribbon bookmark and a pocket to store any loose bits of paperwork; sounds perfect!

Chunky Pencil Case, was £6.00 now £3.00
Storage is always a must, especially for a hoarder like me and for this price you can't really go wrong. This is another lovely bird design, on a navy blue background and the case looks very spacious.

Magnetic To Do List, was £7.00 now £3.50
Another thing you can never have too many of; I always have a to-do list stuck to my desk, and my fridge, and pretty much anywhere else in the house I feel one would look pretty. See how I convince myself I need things as I shop? It's on sale though so it's ok (any excuse).  

Pretty Owl Felt Notebook, was £9.00 now £4.50
I know I already have a notebook on my list here, but it's good to have one at home and one for your bag and a couple of backups (just in case).

Taking Tea Metal Letter Tray, was £9.00 now £4.50
A lovely pink metal letter tray, which has many uses. You could even screw it into your wall and use it as a storage holder for your clutch bags.

Taking Tea Metal Pen Pot, was £5.00 now £3.50
To match your lovely letter (or clutch) holder, you now have a pen (or makeup brush) holder; splendid!

A5 Recipe File, was £15.00 now £7.50
If you love being in the kitchen, then you might like this. It has space for all of your recipes and you can tailor the categorising system yourself.

Taking Tea Recipe Card Box, was £8.00 now £5.60
Once you have all of your recipes in your lovely new recipe file (above), you're going to want to have a backup system. This little box would fit perfectly into any kitchen and your recipes are easily accessible; organised by meal type: starter, main, desert, side, baking and other.

Taking Tea Meal Planner, was £8.00 now £5.60
This is a pretty magnetic planner, which would be great to help you save a few pounds. It has a weekly meal planner and a coinciding shopping list.

Total shopping cost should have been £115; total bargain cost will be £63.10. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to 'go to checkout'.

Have you found any great planning tools lately? Actually, it's probably best you don't tell me, I can't be trusted.

Kayleigh x

You will only ever come second if you try to be someone else, but you will always win 1st place at being yourself.