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Thursday, June 26

TIGI "Serious" Conditioner

When it comes to intensive hair conditioners, TIGI weren't kidding when they called this one serious! This is my miracle hair product; it never fails to leave my hair soft, silky and smooth and it even manages to repair the damage done to my hair from bleaching it. Ok, so that doesn't mean you can fry your hair, treat it like you don't love it anymore and just assume this will come along and fix everything; it just means that it significantly helps to reduce the effects of damage by rehydrating my hair and reducing frizz and brittleness. I take a lot of care with my hair; always using heat protection products and I've switched to an ionic hairdryer, reducing the amount of heat used on my hair. This conditioner has sunflower seed oil, which is highly moisturising and uses hydrolysed silk to reduce the appearance of split ends.

  So, as you can see, this conditioner comes in its own mini cauldron (so pretty!) and it has a plastic spatula attached to the lid to scoop out of said cauldron. The wonder conditioner is a lovely, creamy, baby pink colour and smells like minty strawberry. A lot of people say it smells like peppermint and I get that, but it's definitely not like peppermint oil (which I love); it's more like the buttery mint of a mint humbug. However you choose to interpret the smell, I think you'll agree it smells great - professional and unique.

It has a really thick consistency and is very rich, making it perfect for your weekly conditioning hair mask. Sometimes, I'll use this twice a week because I have dry hair, which requires a lot of rehydration. The first thing you'll notice upon applying the conditioner is that your scalp starts to breathe! That's the only way I can describe it, it's like menthol for your hair and you can feel the conditioner sinking into your scalp and individual hairs; it's wonderful. When I have time, I like to leave the conditioner on my hair for about half an hour. I'll just slather it all over my hair, massage it into my scalp and plonk it all on top of my head with a shower cap to keep it in place; go watch a Gossip Girl, then rinse (whilst daydreaming about Chuck Bass). If you don't have time to sit around, then you can just go with the written instructions and leave it on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing.

You can pick up your own vat of "serious" conditioner from Amazon or Feel Unique. It's not the cheapest product in the world (at least £20), but you get 750ml and a little goes such a long way. You can get 150ml tubes, but these are about £10 and that does not work out as very good value for your money when you see how much extra you're getting for £10 more.

There are so many different products forming the TIGI S-Factor range, have you tried any? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section below; my shiny new comments section, might I add - let me know if you like it and if it's any easier or if you think I should switch back.

Kayleigh x

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