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Friday, June 6

Stop wasting your products!

I was really surprised to hear that not everyone cuts open their plastic tubes and bottles when they're almost empty, so I thought I'd share the love and show you what a difference it can make.

Take any product that comes in a tube or plastic bottle and when it feels like it's empty or you just can't squeeze it any harder, what do you do with it? Exactly, you cut the tube or bottle in half and you scoop out the remaining product. This is effective with lots of makeup products (foundations, primers), toothpaste, facial scrubs, hand creams and even tomato puree. Literally, anything that comes in a container that you can cut in half will work. You can get an extra weeks' worth of foundation or toothpaste from the insides of the tubes and this will save a lot of money in the long run. Take something you usually buy once a month, then gain an extra weeks' worth of product - this will give you 12 weeks over the year; saving you three months' worth of buying that product!

I actually can't believe how much product is still left in this BB cream tube, I swear, I could not squeeze any more out.

If you have any beauty tips that you just assume everyone knows, please share them with us in the comments section below; you might be surprised at how many people were completely unaware.

Kayleigh x

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