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Thursday, June 5

Pretty Organised!

Organise your week in the cutest way possible with these amazing note pads and 'days of the week' pegs.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with making lists and these little list, note and memo pads compliment my life perfectly. My sister recently started a new job and I put together a gift bag of all sorts of useful things (I love buying people gifts and putting together gift packages). Anyway, I actually bought this particular set for her gift bag; but for some reason, I just couldn't give them up. They have magnetic plates on the back so are perfect to stick on your fridge or a whiteboard and the pages just tear off so you can grab a page to take with you or scrap a page in an instant. They come in all sorts of different designs over at Paperchase.

My lovely parents got me these pegs for Christmas and I love them! They have such pretty designs and also come with magnetic panels, so they're perfect to stick on the fridge. Anything important: notes, tickets, receipts, money or anything else that can be clipped by the pegs can be kept in full view and under the correct day so you don't forget anything. These make a great alternative for those people who don't have time to write everything down into a calendar or diary. You can get them from 'Live Laugh Love'.

Kayleigh x

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