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Wednesday, June 25

MARK HILL Salon Professional Style & Shine Power Dryer

My beloved Toni & Guy hairdryer died on me a few weeks ago (not before making some very sad noises and sounding like he might explode in my face, frying my entire head of hair) and I had to say goodbye and invest in a new dryer. I am so glad I did though because my hair is frizz free, seriously, and it's down to my new hairdryer!

I decided to invest in the limited edition Mark Hill Style & Shine Power Dryer for only £29.99 from Boots, down from £59.99. Since I love a good bargain and a good animal print, this seemed like a match made in heaven.

The design is super sleek, with a lovely black and white zebra print with hot pink buttons and Mark Hill logo. It has a lovely long cord, which is ideal for me, but it isn't so long that it just gets in the way. The dryer comes with two speed settings and three heat settings, with a separate cool setting. The first speed setting is nice and gentle, perfect for my fringe and the second setting is really powerful; both being quieter than any hairdryer I've ever owned. I use heat setting one and my hair dries so quickly and is left perfectly frizz free. I'd never really done any research into hairdryers before needing to purchase this new one as I always seemed to have them given to me as gifts (which I hadn't noticed until now), however, I love learning about new things and this purchase taught me about 'Ionic Technology'.

Ionic technology, in hairdryers, is the use of negative ions to neutralise our hair atoms; eliminating static and frizz. Rather than getting too scientific, I'll just let you know the benefits of ionic technology. Hairdryers with ionic technology can cut drying time in half, improve the condition of your hair (over time), reduce static and frizz, increase the volume of your hair and allow you to use a lower heat setting; minimising heat damage.
My old hairdryer died at the most inconvenient time as I was in the process of going from brunette to blonde, so there was a lot of toning and conditioning to be done to my hair. This meant my hair was frizzier than it usually is (in fact, it's not usually frizzy as a brunette), but upon receiving my new hairdryer, the first thing I noticed was how smooth and shiny my hair was after the first use.

The amount of time it takes to dry my hair has decreased significantly and I use the lowest setting. I haven't used any of the three attachments that come with the hairdryer yet, but there is a narrow concentrator, a lifting concentrator and a volume concentrator. I really should try them out; one thing I never forget though is a heat protection spray and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you use some sort of heat protection product before applying heat to your hair. The condition of my hair has increased greatly after about 3 weeks and I am very happy with my purchase.

The hairdryer is still half price on the Boots website (I checked today) and they also have a pink and black leopard print one, which is also limited edition, and a plain black one (slightly cheaper).

Do you use an ionic hairdryer? If not, why not? I'd love to learn if there are any disadvantages to this kind of technology so please do share your thoughts, either in the comments section below or @HappyLittleLift.

Kayleigh x

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