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Monday, June 23

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful mum and dad a very Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! A very big congratulations is in order; you have set an amazing example for us. You are inspirational as a couple and as parents and I love you both so much. If I am even half as happy as you are when I'm married, then I know I'm set for life.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've done for us: bringing us up with manners, teaching us the value of a pound, making family something to be proud of and happy to support, allowing our dreams and ambitions to be fulfilled without any question as to whether we could realistically achieve them and loving us no matter what.

I wish you all of the happiness in the world during your marriage, for the rest of your lives and I hope to one day be celebrating my Silver Wedding Anniversary with as much love, trust and respect as you have both done today.

Love you always,

Kayleigh xx