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Saturday, June 28

Fraserburgh Lighthouse Restaurant

Today is my Grandad's 70th Birthday, so I'd first of all like to wish him a very Happy Birthday and send lots of love. We celebrated this evening with a meal at the Lighthouse Museum Restaurant in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, UK.

The restaurant is in a fabulous location, right on the edge of the sea, with exceptional views from the dining table. It is above the Lighthouse Museum itself, open three days a week, currently being fully booked at least 2 weeks in advance - it is fast becoming an exclusive place to eat so if you want to enjoy a meal here, be sure to book first.

The food was exquisite; the menu changes from week to week as all of the food is sourced locally and it depends on what is available. You can be sure that there'll be a lovely variety of seafood, usually a steak dish and always a vegetarian option. The menu is small, but carefully selected to suit everyone; you're sure to find something you'd like. I like that it changes each week as you can never get bored of the same thing and it keeps work exciting for the chefs too; you know you'll always get a meal made with passion and excitement in their kitchen. The kitchen is slightly open, in that you can see the chefs heads and shoulders as they work and they are sure to look out and make eye contact and smile; the buzz of customers seems to make them happier and enjoy their work even more.

Once we had placed our orders, we were presented with some warm bread rolls, either: honey and poppy seed or honey and beetroot; very unique flavours I think you'll agree. I went for the beetroot as I couldn't resist slightly pink bread. Although I think they were not heated in an oven as they were a little too chewy, the flavour was amazing! I tried a bit of the poppy seed bread too and this was just as good; a wonderful start to the meal.

To start, I enjoyed the Seafood Tian with Lemon Mayo. I'd never heard of a tian before, but after a little research, I have discovered it is basically a dish with layers of different ingredients and can be served hot or cold. This particular tian consisted of monkfish, smoked salmon and prawns and it was presented beautifully; wrapped in a long strip of cucumber with a delicious helping of lemon mayo on the side. All of the flavours on the plate complimented each other perfectly and it was the perfect size for a starter.

Next, we were presented with a palate cleanser, called an Orange & Lime Granita. It was basically an orange and lime flavoured sorbet, but flaked into a glass ramekin. It was lovely and something I've never seen at a restaurant before. The lime was just the right amount, not too strong, but definitely not too weak. 

The timing of the courses was spot on and when the main meals arrived at the table, everyone got excited with how wonderful they looked. I went for the Sirloin Steak (medium rare) with Roast Potatoes, Honey Carrots and Butternut Squash Puree. The butternut squash and honey carrots were to die for, I could have eaten a full bowl of these and they were just a match made in heaven. The steak was cooked to perfection and the sheer size of it was unbelievable, I had to give a little to my dad as I couldn't manage it all. My sister had her eye on any extra potatoes going about, but everyone cleaned their plates pretty quickly; they were so good.

Finally, we were presented with a beautiful desert menu. I chose the Dark Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Mousse and Soil; again, the presentation was flawless. Now, when I think 'brownie' I think of a moist, fudgy texture, but this was a teeny bit drier than I had expected. However, the chocolate mousse added just the right amount of moisture to the brownie and the textures complimented each other really well. We also had some fresh strawberries and raspberries on our plate, which tasted lovely and of course the bright pop of colour against the chocolate was so pretty. The tiny little pink meringues were actually beetroot meringues and I know that sounds a little strange but they were so dainty and cute and they didn't taste like beetroot, don't worry. The soil was a tasty chocolate crumble, which I think added a delightful finishing touch.

Once we had finished eating, Kipras Preidys, the talented young Head Chef came and spoke to us to see how we liked the meal and gave us a little bit of background to the restaurant; he also shared some of his ideas for the future, which sound great. I think for someone to have that much ambition and passion for his work and be at the stage he is at his age is remarkable and I wish him and the Lighthouse Restaurant all the luck in the world for the future.

If ever you find yourself in the North of Scotland, I suggest you pay this restaurant a visit; I know I'll definitely be going back. The restaurant is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm and has a 'bring your own bottle' policy, which I love in a restaurant.

Thank you for a wonderful evening Kip and all of the staff at the Lighthouse Museum; I hope you've had a wonderful birthday Grandad.

Kayleigh x