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Thursday, June 12

Ciaté London Caviar Manicure in 'Peach Fizz'

Marie Claire is giving away mini versions of the Ciaté London Caviar Manicure sets with their current issue, worth £10. I picked up my copy of the magazine at the local supermarket for £2.50 and I got 'Peach Fizz' as that was the only colour they had available. There are six colours to collect altogether and I would have probably gone for Starry Night or Fairy Dust, had there been a selection.

I've never used beads or anything like this on my nails before because I'm more of a makeup girl than nails, but I love experimenting with products so I thought I'd give it a try. I really liked the application of the polish; the brush kept the polish really smooth and covered the nail so I could paint each one perfectly in three strokes. The colour is nice but, although I like nude and pale colours, the pearly sheen makes it seem a little dated for me.

Peach Fizz polish, after one coat.
Onto the beads, wow, are these little guys messy. They're so much smaller individually than I thought they were going to be looking at them together in the bottle. I took the lid off and heaps came flying out that had become stuck in the lid; I couldn't see them though, so it was a job for the hoover. The bottle instructs you to apply beads when nails are wet, so I applied a second coat and just poured beads onto one feature nail. I would highly recommend you do this over a piece of folded paper or a little tub so you can pour the excess beads back into the bottle, like we did with glitter art at school. You can't just pat a few beads out of the bottle onto the nails, seriously. I have a steady hand and I tipped the bottle so gently, but ended up with a million beads flying everywhere; messy stuff!

Overall, I like the look, but this is way too much hassle for me. I was very aware that these tiny glass beads had gone everywhere and I have a cat. I didn't want him to start sniffing them up or eating them, but I couldn't see them to pick them up so I had to vacuum them. Once my nails had dried, I went to the sink and gently rubbed the beaded nail, nothing budged, but when I rubbed a little harder (and only a little) they all came off very easily. I'm sure you should probably set the beads with a clear polish to avoid the beads coming off, but I had no intention of keeping the beads on. I would definitely say you cannot skip the clear polish step with this manicure though, unless you want to have beads all over your bed in the morning and not be able to see them!

The colours of these free sets are not currently available on the Ciaté London website, but they do have some fabulous colour ranges. Don't forget to go buy Marie Claire for your free manicure set and share your caviar manicures with us in the comments section below.

Kayleigh x

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