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Tuesday, June 3

Breakfasts of the world!

When it comes to Father's Day, there are so many different websites offering ideas on what to buy for sporty dads and gadget dads, but what about the best bit of the day? Breakfast in bed! Most dads will appreciate a breakfast in bed and today I've pulled together the most popular breakfasts from around the world.

If your mum is one of those wonderful mums that play both mum and dad in your life, then I think you should treat her to one of these fabulous breakfasts in bed too, just to let her know how much you appreciate her.


The Full Breakfast consists of bacon, sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, toast, hash browns, and eggs (scrambled or fried). For a slightly healthier version, make sure you grill everything and try poached eggs instead.

Make it English - add baked beans, fried bread and black pudding.
Make it Scottish - add potato scones, black pudding, haggis and oatcakes.
Make it Welsh - add laver bread (seaweed and oats).
Make it Irish - add white pudding and soda bread.


A popular breakfast choice in America is pancakes, bacon and maple syrup; it is truly delicious.


A typical German breakfast includes a spread of bread, toast, cold meats (like ham and salami), various hard and soft cheeses, jam and butter.


Breakfast is the smallest meal of the day in Spain, where Churros are the food of choice. Churros are Spanish doughnuts, but they are not round, they are short sticks and usually dusted with sugar or cinnamon.


A food we are all familiar with is a regular choice in the morning in France; croissants.


How about sticky chicken and veg stir fry, with rice? This is not me just having a guess based on what we know about Chinese food, this really is a popular breakfast choice in China.


Another unusual choice for us Brits is rosemary potatoes, spiced scrambled tofu, vegetarian sausage and banana pepper toast.


Vegemite on toast with a tropical fruit smoothie is a popular choice over in Australia.


Many Greeks like to start their day with yoghurt, honey, grapes and nuts.

This is just a selection of popular breakfast dishes I have discovered from speaking to people from these countries. If you have any other suggestions for breakfast that are popular anywhere around the world, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Father's Day is on Sunday 15th June this year, so make sure you're prepared and wow your dads with a wonderful start to the day; don't forget the tea and orange juice!

Kayleigh x

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