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Tuesday, June 17

BLEACH London: Silver Shampoo

If you've never played around with colour when it comes to your hair, then you may have never encountered toning shampoos. A toning shampoo corrects hair colour to banish any unwanted hues in the hair. Silver shampoo is a form of toning shampoo for natural or bleached blonde hair and helps to lift brassy yellow and orange tones. I've tried a lot of different silver shampoos on my colour treated blonde hair and have decided to share my opinion of BLEACH London's version.
BLEACH London is a hair salon in London, UK specialising in colour and offering a range of wonderful hair colours and hair care products. First off, this silver shampoo comes in a cute plastic bottle with a metal screw top lid; quite unique for modern day shampoo bottle designs. I love the logo for BLEACH London, it's simple but memorable.
Silver shampoo is violet in colour and this is one of the deepest violet colours I've seen from the brands I've tried. The shampoo bottle states it is suitable for blondes who strive for whiter, brighter colour and is made with wheat proteins and vitamin B to moisturise the hair. It instructs you to use it just like an ordinary shampoo; however, I usually leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing. Depending on the kind of tone you would like, this is one of the quickest and strongest silver shampoos I have used so if you don't want to go too ashy, I would recommend just using it like an ordinary shampoo - lather up and rinse.

I love this product, but I would note it really does only lift the yellow tones from my hair, not any remaining light orange tones. It works really fast and brings it to an ashy tone quite remarkably. My hair is left soft and manageable afterwards, but I always use a lot of conditioner (as you should, if you have colour treated hair).
You can pick up your own little bottle of violet goodness for £5 from Boots.
Have you tried anything from the BLEACH range?  What about other silver shampoos? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Kayleigh x

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