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Saturday, June 14

'Appy Little Lift: TED

TED is an amazing non-profit organisation, sharing very powerful messages from truly powerful people. If you've never visited their website, I advise you to do so. It seriously does not matter what interests you have because TED has something for all. Actually, TED has a ridiculous amount of categories and they are so well organised. Basically, people give talks on a variety of topics, giving a clear and logical opinion or lesson.

I keep up to date with TED via their app, which is available on both Android and iPhone. The app is free and so well designed, I would go as far as to say it is one of the best for ease of navigation. The home landing page is the 'Featured' tab, which lists the newest or popular posts, depending on your selection.

You can also access 'All Talks', which lists the videos into tags, playlists and languages. The lists are extensive and have a number in brackets next to each category to show you how many videos are in each bit. The 'My Talks' tab is your own personal list of downloaded or bookmarked talks.

My favourite feature of the app is the 'Surprise Me' tab. Upon entering this tab, you are faced with a list of the type of talk you would like to see. This selection will lead you onto a simple, but very clever clock face where you select anywhere from 5 minutes up to 1 hour. The filtering process is extremely fast and you will be presented with your videos to either 'watch now' or 'download all' for viewing offline.

Other features within the app include a search tool and a little set of headphones, which allow you to listen to TED Radio Hour or talks with audio only. I just love this app; it is so well designed and really does have something to suit every single person. Every talk I've watched has left me either: inspired, rethinking my opinions or completely and utterly 'schooled'.

I've been able to think differently about a lot of different things with these talks, but I'm a very open minded person. I'm not sure how a person set in their ways and opinions will feel about listening to someone have a unique angle on things; if you fall into this category though, please let me know what you think of TED.

Have you watched or listened to any of the TED Talks yet? Head on over to their site now and let me know what you think, or better yet, download the app and start every day with something to challenge your mind.

Kayleigh x

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