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Monday, May 12

How to: Give your keys a Happy Little Lift

So, you'd like to give your keys a little pop of colour? Why not, right?

Whether you want to tell your keys apart at a glance, have an obsession with colour coding things or simply want to make your keys look more fun; the opportunities are endless.

Start with a nice clean key, decide what design you'd like and pick some of your favourite colour nail polishes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Stripes - I would limit your colours to 2-3 to avoid it looking messy.
Polka Dots - I would use a dark colour on a light background so the dots stand out.
Criss Cross - Again, I would limit the colours to 2-3 and also make sure each bit is completely dry before using the next colour, to avoid smudging the lines.
Stars - Any colours would work this. Even a single star painted in the top corner of your key without a background would be effective.
Hearts - Bright pink or red hearts on a white background would give you a classic design for your key.
Flowers - You can experiment with all sorts of colours with a floral design, think Spring.
Single words: 'Love', 'Happy', 'Your Name' (if it's short) - I think this design would look perfect in black and white.

I'm sure you can be creative and come up with many more ideas. I've decided to go for a floral design.

Once you have your design and colours picked out, you'll need to cover the bottom of the key with tape. I used a post-it as I didn't have any tape to hand; it worked perfectly, just make sure you wrap it around tightly. Protect your surface too, I just popped another post-it down, who knew they were so handy?

You can choose to either paint a design right onto the key or have a base colour. I'm using 'Tangy Tangerine' by Rimmel. Apply two coats, making sure you wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second.

Once the polish has dried, paint on your design. If you'd like to do the floral design I have done, I chose 'Nice is Nice' by Essie and a dark pink/light red colour by No7; the name of the colour has rubbed off the bottle. To make the flowers, I dabbed on little messy blobs of 'Nice is Nice' and with a cocktail stick, I added little lines of the No7 polish to detail the flower. If you don't have a cocktail stick, you could open a Kirby grip and use one end.

Finally, I used 'Pear Drop' by Rimmel for the leaves of the flowers. I just dabbed them on with the other end of the cocktail stick and waited for the whole thing to dry before adding a coat of clear nail polish. Once the clear polish has dried, remove the tape from around the key and there you have a happy little key.

You can choose to paint the whole key, but be very careful not to paint too thickly as you may end up making the key unusable in the lock. I decided to stick with just the top of the key.

Let us know what designs you come up with and feel free to post a picture of your newly designed keys in the comments section below.

Happy painting!

Kayleigh x

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