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Saturday, May 24

Get the kettle on!

Sure, tea is yummy; I could drink it all day every day. The only problem is that there are so many different kinds of tea out there, how are we supposed to know which one does what?

Today, I have pulled together a list of the most popular teas to tell you what they all do and how they can benefit our health.


About: The most popular of all teas, the 'King of Teas' if you will. This tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, native to India and China and is the basis for many flavoured teas, such as Chai and Earl Grey.

Benefits: We all know exposure to cigarette smoke can seriously affect our health, luckily black tea can protect lungs from the damage caused (this doesn't mean it counteracts the effects of smoking, however). Black tea can also reduce the risk of a stroke.


About: White tea is not black tea with milk. White tea is an uncured and unfermented version of black tea made from the same plant.

Benefits: Said to be the strongest fighter of teas against cancer.


About: Peppermint tea is best enjoyed without milk and even tastes lovely when chilled.

Benefits: Peppermint tea is best known for its quality to support the digestive system. If you suffer from IBS or an upset stomach, drinking green tea can reduce spasms in the digestive system and relieve symptoms. Peppermint tea is also known to lower a fever.


About: Green tea is made with steamed tea leaves and has a higher concentration of the benefits possessed by black tea.

Benefits: The antioxidants in green tea can help to prevent the growth of many cancers around the body. Green tea burns fat, improves cholesterol levels and reduces the clogging of your arteries. If that wasn't enough, green tea can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and the risk of a stroke or heart disease. Finally, green tea can boost the immune system, improving overall health.


About: Chamomile tea is made from the infusion of the chamomile plant, quite like a daisy. Pregnant ladies should not drink chamomile tea as it can lead to uterine contractions, which in turn can lead to miscarriage.

Benefits: Chamomile tea holds similar benefits to peppermint tea, supporting digestion, but without the minty taste. Chamomile tea also helps to relax the body and mind and promotes sleep. It is a great tea to relieve irritability and anxiety. Chamomile tea also helps ease symptoms of hay fever, rheumatic pain, menstrual cramps and ulcers.


About: Nettle tea is a very sweet tea, but should be made cautiously. Pregnant women should also avoid this tea and be careful not to brew this tea too strong or you may begin to experience a burning sensation around your body.

Benefits: The above being said, nettle tea has many cleansing benefits, cleaning the stomach, intestines and liver. It works well for those with a hangover or those trying to quit smoking. It helps with fevers as strong as those experienced with Malaria and helps the body against anaemia and jaundice.


About: Ginger tea comes from ginger root, which has many uses. You probably already use it in your cooking and perhaps have tried ginger ale or beer.

Benefits: Ginger tea helps to calm nausea and gas and is great for children with colic since it's so mild. It also helps to cure a cold or flu, reduce a fever and improve circulation.


About: Dandelion tea is made from the dandelion root herb.

Benefits: Dandelion tea is useful towards treating arthritis, skin conditions, high blood pressure and swelling. It also promotes healthy liver function and therefore makes a fantastic addition to kitchens of those who like a drink.

The health benefits of all of these teas will be reduced if you add sugar and sweeteners so do bear that in mind when making your daily cuppa. What kind of tea do you like?

Kayleigh x

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