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Thursday, May 29

'Appy Little Lift: Udemy

It's time for an 'Appy Little Lift, where I introduce you to one of my favourite apps. If you've never come across any, I can tell you that there are quite a lot of different apps and websites available to you that offer a range of free and paid courses in a vast range of different categories.

I love learning new things, in fact I love learning so much I would go as far as to say it is a hobby of mine. Throw me some facts about any topic and you're suddenly the most interesting person in the world to me; and because I love learning so much, I have tried many of these apps and websites and Udemy is by far the best.

I believe life should always be about learning and whether your expertise is in Art, Law, Science, English, History or any of the hundreds of other subjects of study out there, you can never know too much.

The categories available on Udemy are:

Other really is other and covers things from animation software to The Bible. The great thing about Udemy is that you can learn wherever you are: on the bus, at work, at home or even at the park. It's available on iPhone and Android for free and you can access your account on the website too.

The app and website are really easy to access and completely flexible around you. The courses are uploaded by experts in their field who have created a range of videos and downloadable documents and split the courses into different sections so you can watch a video when you have a spare five minutes and move onto the next stage at another time.

You can enrol on as many courses as you like and your progress is tracked through your account. You also get to build a wish list for courses you would like to enrol on in the future, but don't want to commit to right now.

So far, I have learned about reading music, vocal training, animation software, Adobe software, fashion design, photography, figure drawing and game design. I have barely scratched the surface and I have not even paid for a course yet. The amount of free resources available to us is amazing and I highly recommend you at least download the app and have a browse through the courses.

Let me know what courses you enrol on. 

Kayleigh x

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