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Tuesday, May 27

A-Z of feel good films

There are so many amazing films out there and I think we're all a fan of film in one way or another. This is my list of films that make me feel good: inspired, motivated or just make me feel all happy and cosy inside.

A - Alice in Wonderland - Disney's original animated version of Alice in Wonderland can't do anything but make you feel happy. It is so colourful and full of wonderful imaginative characters.

B - Billy Elliot - If this film doesn't make you want to dance, I don't know what will.

C - A Cinderella Story - A little cheesy, but I love this film. A grown up version of Cinderella where you can't help but feel empowered to inject meaning into your life after watching it.

D - The Devil Wears Prada - One of the most motivational films I've ever seen. Irrelevant girl making her way in a huge industry, not to be phased by one of the most high-maintenance bosses in the universe.

E - Elf - I like to smile. Smiling's my favourite!

F - Frozen - One of the biggest selling films of all time and Disney's most recent release. It's so cute, it's like a little baby unicorn!

G - Groundhog Day - If we were stuck in a time loop reliving the same day over and over again, would we give up or would we try and make each day better than the last?

H - Home Alone - Every kid dreams of being left home alone, but not every kid dreams of being burgled during this time. I love Home Alone, my second favourite Christmas film - after Elf, of course.

I - Ice Age - A group of extinct animals set on a journey to return a human baby to its family. What's not to love?

J - Juno - Juno is such a lovely, heart-warming story and I love Ellen Page.

K - The Karate Kid/Kung Fu Panda - These are basically the same film, except one is animated with a panda. Kid/panda doesn't fit in, they train up to fight and become a champion.

L - Legally Blonde - Whatever emotion you're feeling, you're bound to come out of the other side feeling ready to take over the world; blonde or otherwise.

M - Mean Girls - Mean Girls has brought us so many of our daily quotes to date and is loved by all. It's so fetch. Most of all, it teaches us to stay true to who we are and not let popularity take priority over our friendships. On Wednesdays, we wear pink!

N - Notting Hill - Notting Hill, is a classic love story, with two classic rom-com actors - Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

O - Oliver - A classic with so many different versions out there. Oliver brings us many classic songs and provided us all with one of our first moments on stage.

P - The Proposal - Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds team up in this comedy. It's a little bit predictable, but it's done well.

Q - I love Quarantine, but it's a horror film. If you can suggest any feel good films beginning with Q, please let us know in the comments section below.

R - Remember Sunday - I love Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi and together they form a lovely romantic film to cosy down with on a lazy day.

S - Sex and the City: The Movie - Sex and the City is just fantastic. I don't care what people say, I think the first AND the second films were brilliant and although they're a little bit too long, they always have me laughing.

T - Take the lead - An old story with Antonio Banderas teaching troubled kids how to dance and respect each other.

U - Uptown Girls - A great film for a lazy day with two of my favourite actresses; Dakota Fanning and the late Brittany Murphy.

V - The Vow - Ok, this one is sad; very sad. However, the process of reliving your life to end up exactly where you were and realising you are where you were meant to be is just delightful.

W - The Wedding Planner - Another cheesy film here. I'm not the biggest fan of Matthew McConaughey, but I LOVE Jennifer Lopez and her organized lifestyle just reminds me that my level of organisation is normal (just go with it ok, I know she's excessive).

X - X-Men - Hugh Jackman, need I say more?

Y - Yes, Man - One day, I'm going to vow to say yes to everything and see what opportunities open themselves up to me.

Z - Zombieland - I love zombie films, I really do. Zombieland combines my love of zombies and comedy into this fantastic film. The Bill Murray cameo is an additional bonus!

So, I'm aware this list turned into a bit of a chick fest, but I think chick flicks are the kinds of film that inspire me the most. What are your feel good films?

Kayleigh x

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